contemporary art

My older coworker breaks the monotonous hum of the slicer in between shredding pounds of the golden brown.

“Ella, you have yet to show me your art. Do you paint pictures of water? Like the ocean horizon with sunsets and sand?"

“I don’t typically, but I could I suppose" 
(fully aware of my central location)

“Well what is it you normally do? Maybe some snowcapped mountains, that would be nice”

“Yeah that would be nice”

I pull up my website on my phone to show her. And it’s in this moment of scrolling through pictures of meat, men holding fish, smiles, sprinkles and carpet that I realize my work is not nearly as universal and/or accessible as I may have hoped.

“Oh, huh".....head nod, long pauses. Silence.

"cool, so you make contemporary art, is that what you call it?"

#intheenditsjustapicture #wecantallbebobross