Oh my goudaness, my jokes across the counter are falling flat today.

So this overweight, slightly balding but pleasant looking man won a free 1/2 pound of cheese. Channeling my inner "Price is Right" game show host, I enthusiastically ask him which type is his slice of choice. After much contemplation he finally settles on the Muenster. It becomes notably clear that his indecisiveness was strictly due to fear.

"Ohh the scary cheese" I cry out trembling as I force myself to crawl inside the glass case in a risky attempt to grab hold of the demon.

"Is it scary because it sounds like monster?" The brave man begrudgingly asks.

"Yeah that's why it's scary" (obviously)

Cue the crickets.

"I know, I know, it's pretty cheeeeeeesy" I add in an attempt to ease the awkwardness.

"Yeah....thanks for the cheese," he manages to mutter under his breath.

A few customers later I feel the need to redeem myself. Bitter old man is annoyed with the rules of the cheese sale. He demands a 1/2 pound of Gouda.

"Now that's a gooooouda choice right there!" Way less scary than the muenster.

Complete and utter silence.

Is it my timing, my material or my audience I wonder?