I Will Protect You _ Digital Inkjet _ 2016

Meat is Meat

Prompted by an overtly dramatic break up, I downloaded the infamous dating app, Tinder. After three sad dates and a reality check, I began to notice a trend: profile after profile of singular dudes holding a singular fish. I inevitably stopped pursuing “love” and decided to use Tinder strictly for research, collecting hundreds of fish men one swipe at a time. 

Dressed in a hotdog costume while taking a mirror selfie my Tinder profile reads:

I slice meat 40 hours a week in a deli and live in my parents basement. I am pushing 30 and still single hence why I’m on here.

"Meat is Meat" is the proposed title of my current body of work. The phrase stems from a direct quote received during an over the counter deli interaction with a probable swipe right Tinder-esque man IRL. Thanks to my coworkers’ persistent persuasion, I had the privilege of assisting this all too knowingly attractive GQ model, apparent in arrogance. After initiating the conversation, I began to question his intentions. “Do you want this or that?”

With his cocky meathead two floors above the fluorescent lights, he casually shrugged his shoulders and muttered, “Doesn’t matter, meat is meat”.

In true lackadaisical manner, this male profile not only proved a lack of distinction in his physical hunger toward sandwich meat, but more poignantly alluded to the seemingly sad objectification of his sexual appetite. “It is what is, meat is meat”

But what is it? What is meat? And furthermore, why are you all holding a fish?

From this ongoing research of slicing meat and seeking the real meat of the matter, I am creating a large series of drawings and prints in response to the ever-changing complexities of blind dating, sexuality, and consumerism within a contemporary context.