This series stems from my time spent working as the head of the craft department at Hobby Lobby. Apparently, I wasn't qualified to work in the art department. My daily motto became the slogan HOBLOBJOBSOB, thus sparking my interest in craft, value, fine art, home decor, inspirational quotes, kitsch, artificiality order and disorder. 

Sure Eat Me. 5 layer silkscreen. 22" x 13.75"

Babies For Sale. 13"x21" Stone Lithograph, silkscreen, digital print. 

As consumers we walk, browse, buy objects, make connections, and compare products on a quest toward happiness, or at the very least a good deal. Through our search, a sense of desire is ignited in us, fueling our lack of contentment and a need for more icons of happiness and desire. This search reflects my daily routine of a continuous attempt to browse for, construct meaning and consume real satisfaction. 

Tower Of Babel. Xerox Transfer Lithography. 30"x44"

Tower Of Babel. Xerox Transfer Lithography. 30"x44"


The tower of babel
Glowed yellow
Clearance tape
wrapped around
Upward above
Into the fluorescent clouds
And tiled ceilings
Constructed from stickers
Marked down
Peeling Caution, a warning
Buy me soon,
lustrous hues erected
Leaning left
Teetering in the wind
Let in
from the automatic doors
no do not enter
caution tape sculptures
built and disfigured
dispersed and devalued
announcing the sale
screaming half off, 
we’re better than God
must go
before it collapses
and breaks and floods
acid, staining the shelves
bright yellow
buy me

HOBLOBJOBSOB. Silkscreen. 15"x15"

Pegboard is the backdrop of consumerism. Retail stores tend to display an overwhelming amount of mass produced objects, organized via pegboard grids and center aisle displays. If not arranged in an ordered or logical pattern, the consumer becomes disoriented, losing his or her sense of self in an overtly materialized landscape. The tension between order and disorder aligns well with meaninglessness and purpose. With its perfectly aligned rows of symmetrical holes, the pegboard grid provides a type of silence, a calm and lack of hierarchy within the repetition of surface. I tend to joke and call it pegb-o-r-e-d. By itself it lacks narrative and aims to depict the surface structure of our daily mundane lives. 

Attack of the Clothespins. 5 layer Photolithograph Variations.