UNDER CONSTRUCTION #WIP: I slice meat 40+ hours a week in the deli. I'm essentially a starving artist, financially not literally, thanks to to the unlimited meat and cheese at my disposal. A helpful Smile in Every Aisle is the daily mantra and motto of the store I call home.  Because I received a record low secret shopper score, primarily for not smiling, my self imposed penance is to create a smiley a day with the materials at hand. Under the confinements and standards I have established, all photos and videos are to be taken on the clock, at work with my phone as a means to get compensation for my creative endeavors. So far I have taken over 6000 photographs, videos and recordings. The work is divided into various categories such as Bathroom Selfies from Above with Ham, A Smiley Face a Day, The Celebrity Collection, Leftover Cake from the Breakroom, and Coupon Clippings to name a few. Additionally, I am collecting hundreds of over the counter interactions that I am re-contextualizing into a fictional book entitled the Deli Diaries by Della. The early stages of entries are described in a recent article as, "The diary is a written record and exploration of mundane consumerism imagined through an absurd lens that playfully upends the existential fabrics of our daily interactions as well as the politics of class."

The Celebrity Collection

Here is a link to a recent article, written by Jack Woods, that explores my deli musings: http://aeqai.com/main/2017/02/ella-weber-artist-profile/

The Cake Collection
Next time you need a last minute birthday treat for that special someone cmon over to the deli! We use only the freshest leftover break room frosting from the table of unwanted cakes and your choice of pre-sliced meat. Available flat or folded.

Experimental stages of video work, shot on the clock with phone.

Three in One.

That's a wrap.

My work is seeking the real, inside and outside of the deli.  Do presentation and reality align?  Exterior and interior? Body and mind?
As art and life increasingly intertwine, motives are questioned. Messes are made. Mundanity triumphs. Beauty is found in the ugliness. Simplicity lies in the truth behind the display. 

Skin, Screen, Hand, Search Experimental Early Stages of Dei Video Work

Bathroom Selfies from Above

Coupon Clipping Collection