I collected stacks on stacks of free carpet samples from Home Depot, one purse full at a time. Using a scanner as my matrix, I then scanned various food products intentionally spilled in each carpet square. These prints mimic abstract paintings, while playing with texture, flatness and color. The food spills, particles and stains act as different brushstrokes. A simple beauty is found within the tension of mess and order, chance and choice. 

My Carpeted Being. 18" x 24" Digital Inkjet. 2015.

Padded Pedestal. Digital Inkjet adhered to pedestal. 

Padded Pedestal. Digital Inkjet adhered to pedestal. 


Carpet Spills

Sinking into the shallowness
of my carpeted being, stretched
wall to wall
digging under the tightly knit shags
and curls of woven desires intertwined
with synthetic hopes and dreams
of past polyester plush 

my self reflection sustain
stained textures enlarged
soaked densely through
the seams of manufactured rest 

I tug at contentment
I question my mark
mere threshold
the reality covered
dripping beneath my deceptive look
Please vacuum and digest
the excess
of my optimistic disdain 


Step in and submerge
Pour gallons of sprinkles
down your throat
Plug the drain of the tub
Apply excessively to your skin
Squeeze your hands to
funnel the particles
through the cracks of your fingers
Splashing micro textures,

Lather yourself
in the rainbow of confection
Gently massage onto face
Exfoliating onto chest
over the lumps of your breasts
moisturize downward,
your thighs, smoothness,
revitalize your soporific pores
next your ankles
reach your feet 

Rinse thoroughly
Let the sugar glaze dissolve
all colors bleed
into pools of saturation rippling a liquid satisfaction,
removing your dirt
washed clean 

Where is your reflection? 

Dip your face below the surface, on repeat
hold your breath and sink
Relax your limbs
hydrate your desires
let your conditioned conscience
be cleansed